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Four wide circumferential tread grooves and lateral grooves with fine sipes provide efficient water evacuation, outstanding wet performance.The optimized deployment of "Z" shape sipes, provide great grip on snow & ice conditions.

Continuous block patterns on shoulder enhance the ride stability at high speed cornering. The rim protector will protect wheels from curb damage

Continuous outside tread blocks enhance excellent performance and precise control when cornering at high speed. The special rib segment design optimize contact pressure distribution, improve road contact area and provide precise control. The serrated groove walls absorb noise and deliver a quieter ride.

Special tread compound remains flexible at lower temperatures to make sure the grip on winter road conditions and reduce the rolling resistance.


Product Detiles

Sizes DescriptionSidewall
RIMMM1/32' ' width MMOA.diameter
MAX pressure

165/70R13 79TBLK5.07.39.2170562300/44EC68

185/60R14 82TBLK5.07.59.4189578300/44EC68

195/50R15 82HBLK6.08.510.8201577300/44 EC68

195/55R15 85HBLK6.08.510.8201595300/44 EC68

195/55R16 91HXLBLK6.08.510.8190619340/50 EC68

195/60R15 88HBLK6.08.510.8201615300/44 EC68

195/65R15 91HBLK6.08.510.8201635300/44 EC68

195/65R15 91T/HBLK6.08.510.8201615300/44EC68

195/65R15 95TXLBLK6.08.510.8201615340/55EC68

205/45R17 88HXLBLK7.08.510.8206616340/50 EC68

205/50R17 93HXLBLK6.58.510.8214638340/50 EC68

205/55R16 94HXLBLK6.58.510.8214632340/50 EC68

215/45R17 91HXLBLK7.08.510.8213626340/50 EC68

215/50R17 95HXLBLK7.58.510.824 5719340/50 EC68

215/55R16 97HXLBLK7.08.510.8226642340/50 EC68

215/55R17 98HXLBLK7.08.510.8226668340/50 EC68

225/40R18 92HXLBLK8.58.510.8234637340/50 EC68

225/45R17 94HXLBLK7.58.510.8225634340/50 EC68

225/50R17 98HXLBLK8.08.510.8265739340/50 EC68

225/55R16 99HXLBLK7.08.510.8233680340/50 EC68

225/55R17 101HXLBLK7.08.510.8233680340/50 EC68

235/40R18 95HXLBLK8.58.510.8241645340/50 EC68

235/45R17 97HXLBLK7.58.510.8236644340/50 EC68

235/55R17 103HXLBLK7.58.510.8245690340/50 EC68

235/60R18 107HXLBLK7.08.210.0240739340/50---

245/45R18 100HXLBLK8.08.510.824 3677340/50 EC68

245/60R18 105HBLK7.08.511.0248751300/44EC71

255/50R19 107HXLBLK8.08.511.0265739340/50 EC72

255/50R19 111HXLBLK8.08.511.0265763340/50 EC72

255/55R18 109HXLBLK8.08.511.0265737340/50 EC72

255/55R19 111HXLBLK7.58.210.0265763340/50---

275/40R20 106XHLBLK9.58.511.0278728340/50EC72

275/45R20 110HXLBLK9.08.511.0273756340/50EC72

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